Lessons and Instructors

Taylor's School of Music has been a major force in musical education in the Chester County area since 1929.
Lesson Procedures:

  • Monthly lesson payments
  • 24 hour notice for cancellation
  • Good attendance required to keep time slot
Taylor's now offers an online lesson enrollment form. Just click the link and it will open in a new window. Then you can browse the teachers list below and fill in the form with your preferences.

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Students and Professionals of All Ages Welcome!

Contact Tom Buglio at: tom@taylorsmusic.com
Jim Mobile at: IQStudios@aol.com

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Instructor Directory:

The following table lists the names and general information about our teachers. We hope that this will help you select a teacher for your child or yourself.   Please call us 610-696-1812 x115 for more information, or try our convenient Lesson Enrollment Form.

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Piano, Organ, Keyboard- Guitar-Wind Instruments-Strings-Voice-Percussion

Piano, Keyboard, & Organ Instructors

Joseph Buglio Piano, Classical & Jazz 411
Tom Buglio Keyboard, Organ, Piano 101
Connie Eichenberg Piano 320
Gina Marie Georgiana Piano, All Styles - Elementary to Advanced 338
Lynne Hamer Piano 340
Theresa Hoover Piano 312
Megan Kelly Piano 318
Melissa Kennedy Piano 421
Pam Johnson Piano 306
Amy Menginie Piano, Beginner to Advanced, all genres 420
Destiny Ringgold Piano, Beginner to Intermediate 300
Gina Buglio-Ringgold Piano 324
Miriam Shingle Piano 419

Guitar & Bass  Instructors

Craig Cardine Guitar: All Styles, Banjo 321
Lynne Hamer Beginner Guitar, Bass 340
Steve Leps Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Bass Guitar 342
Colin McGetrick Acoustic/Electric Guitar/Bass 406
Mark Oppenlander Classical, Electric, Acoustic, Bass 315
Andy Smith Electric Guitar & Bass  418

Woodwind  Instructors

April Anthony Flute, Clarinet, Sax 326
Bob Hoch Clarinet & Saxophone 308
Pam Johnson Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone 306
Megan Kelly Clarinet 318
Amy Menginie Beginner Saxophone and Clarinet 420
Dave Renz Sax & Flute, Jazz Improv. 309
Destiny Ringgold Sax beginner to intermediate 300

Brass  Instructors

James Cossetti Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Fr, Horn 316
Julianne Featherman Trombone, Baritone 301
Theresa Hoover French Horn & Beginner Brass 312
George Whittam Trumpet 304

String  Instructors

Ross Beauchamp Cello 346
Miriam Crivaro Violin, Viola, & Cello 422
Connie Eichenberg Violin & Cello 320
John Grillo ContraBass 339
Doug Jasik Violin & Viola 305
Destiny Ringgold Violin beginner to intermediate 300
Gina Buglio-Ringgold Violin & Viola 324

Voice  Instructors

Gina Marie Georgiana Voice, Classical, Broadway, Pop 338
Amy Menginie Voice, Broadway, Classical, Contemporary 420

Percussion  Instructors

Chris Cotter Percussion 302
Mike Merwin Percussion 328
John Simone Percussion & Mallets 319