Mike Merwin

Phone Ext. 328

Thurs,Fri, Sat. + Sun

Rate: $25/30min


Michael Merwin has been teaching at Taylor's Music for fifteen years. Having studied drumming for twenty-nine years with various teachers, a majority of that time being with John Simone (senior instructor here, at Taylor's Music) he has become well known for his technically abilities and broad range of playing styles. A few of his favorite playing styles are progressive rock, funk and metal. Michael, always being one for keeping his playing fresh and exciting plays with numerous bands and does session work for a few local recording studios. He has also toured with Nashville country recording artist Rob Snyder during the winter and summer of 2012. The most current bands Michael is working with, The Steve England Band (top 40), Vatic (original hard rock).

Michael takes great honor in having helped many of his students here at Taylor's Music achieve their personal, yet scholastic goals. Many of Michael's students have gone on to become well-rounded professional drummers, many of whom have attended some of the best music schools in the country. Some of these schools include, West Chester University School of Music, Berklee School of Music (Boston), Temple University School of Music and, Penn State University School of Music.

Michael teaches any student level from beginner to advance.

Vic Firth and Aquarian Drumheads both endorse Michael Merwin

To contact this teacher call (610) 696-1812 and dial their voicemail extension.

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