Andy Smith

Phone Ext: 418

Tue. Thur. Fri. Sat.

Rate: $25/30min


Great for ages 5 and up, Andy's enthusiastic and personable teaching style guides students through technique and theory using their own favorite music to pave the way. Students will learn a great deal of songs and develop an appreciation of songwriting and how the guitar has defined and evolved different genres of music from early 1900's blues to the most modern rock. From beginners who want to play a song at the first lesson to advanced students who want more out of their soloing and songwriting, Andy is a great fit.

Styles: Listens to mostly modern rock, classic rock, metal, reggae, punk, hardcore, some indie, blues, folk, select jazz (Miles, Coltrane and Monk, really) and sometimes finds classical music soothing.

Experience: Playing for 20 years, teaching at local music stores and schools for 6 years, an internship at Sound Spa and Attic Studios, studio and professional playing work for past 10 years, currently writing and performing for the bands "Vatic" and "Closet Full of Bones". Owner and operator of local recording studio.

Education: B. A. Liberal Arts (West Chester University) - Dual minors in Music and Instructional Media (computers and recording technology). Private instruction with Ron Shank, Dom Mastrangelo, David Cullen (guitar) and Amy Eveler (piano and voice).

To contact this teacher call (610) 696-1812 and dial their voicemail extension.

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